A little over a year ago (July 19th, 2017 to be exact) we made the rebranding leap to PARTNER Productions. Since we get asked a lot - we are the same team, we didn’t get acquired, we didn’t join with another company, we simply changed our name. So how has the year gone? Have we turned event production on its head (kinda like the photo above)? 

The first year as PARTNER (and fifth year in business) was filled with international events leading to some great partnerships (we see you Chefs!), a growing #teamPARTNER with a new office space, some amazingly creative ideas and so much more. Seriously, this fifth year has exceeded all of our expectations and we certainly can't wait to put so many more exciting years on the books!

PARTNER Productions
PARTNER Productions

We have said it before and will continue to say it again - thank you to each and every one of you that have become a part of #teamPARTNER. From a friendly email to laughs after a boxing class to an Insta follow, we appreciate every one of you and love having you on this journey with us!




PARTNER Productions

As a minority and women-owned business, supporting other women is very important to us. From mentoring to producing events that help empower women entrepreneurs, #teamPARTNER is all about girl power. *Cue the Spice Girls music now*

We brought this passion to two recent conferences we produced for WENYC, an initiative based out of the New York City Department of Small Business Services. Keynotes, morning sessions, and one-on-one counseling filled up the itinerary for the first conference, held at NYU Kimmel Center for University Life. Women entrepreneurs had the opportunity to hear Author Dorie Clark speak before learning about crowdsourcing then attending a one-on-one credit counseling. All under one roof! Did we mention, childcare was provided?!? 


The second conference was more intimate, allowing women from all stages of entrepreneurship to get to know and work with one another on their business. After an impassioned speech from OwnersUP Co-founder, Tanya Alverez, groups formed to create and share successful business goals. These mini workshops, each facilitated by someone from the OwnersUp team, provide valuable insight on proper goal prioritization and action plan creation.


We are lucky enough to live in the best city in the WORLD for Women entrepreneurs and we will continue to do our part to keep it that way. Singing Spice Girls while we do it!

Support your local Entreprenuers! 

Photo Credit: PARTNER, Agora Photography


PARTNER Loves Color

PARTNER Productions

It is true, #teamPARTNER loves color! Which is why our eyes were happy to see Bizbash's VidCon 2018: 26 Colorful Ways Brands Targeted Generation Z. Interactive photo ops were abundant from relaxing lounges to branded photo booths. Did we have favorites? Of course! 

We are a sucker for blue (especially Cobalt!). Facebook's blue thumbs-up photo op caught our eye (see above), taking the Like icon to a whole new level. If blue isn't your color, 3D emoji rooms were next door from haha to angry to satisfy photo needs.

We have to admit we have thought about getting PARTNER wallpaper for the office. MTV's Cribs activation now has us convinced (see below)! 

PARTNER Productions

Photo ops are great but sometimes you need to relax. Snapchat's creator lounge was a greenery colorful oasis for meetings and networking (see below). Who doesn't want to network in a hammock?


While color is important, please remember to use it wisely. Stay true to your brand. Especially if that means getting branded wallpaper!

Live colorfully!

Photo Credit: BizBash


Experiential Meets Anime


What do a giant unicorn, blue wigs and larger-than-life anime characters have to do with a recent event #teamPARTNER produced? Knowing these items are proudly displayed in our client's China headquarters meant we needed to bring it during our brainstorming session. So how do we top a giant unicorn? A colorful interactive evening, that is how!

Why should the cosplayers have all the fun? During cocktail reception, guests could choose a wig from any color of the rainbow - bringing them one step closer to become a walking anime character (pictured below). 


Caricature artists were onsite to make guests' cosplay fantasies even more of a reality (see below). Guests took home small original works of art showing what they would look like as their own ultimate anime character, colorful hair color and all!


Guests feeling artistic created their own anime scene with the help of their escort cards. Attached to an assortment of colorful paint pens, guests drew on a large branded step and repeat. The step & repeat started black & white, waiting for guests' creativity. See the results below.

PARTNER Productions
PARTNER Productions

While every PARTNER client may not have giant unicorns in their lobby, every client has specific visions, diverse personalities, and distinct interests. We love to incorporate these elements to see our clients and their guests engaging with each other and in lively activations we create.

So grab a wig and have some fun!

p.s. see more photos from this event here


Concrete Jungle Centerpieces

PARTNER Productions

One of the fun challenges we have producing an event is creating something unique and authentic every time. So when a Chinese client had their heart set on a New York City theme, we had our work cut out reworking such a popular theme. Did we mention there was a tight, two-week production window? We tapped into our extensive relationships in our NYC home base and got to work. This is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of, after all!

PARTNER Productions
PARTNER Productions

While we incorporated details of the city throughout the experience, the theme came to life when guests took their seats for dinner. Every table featured a different famous highlight of the city below. We deployed different techniques to bring our vision to life. From printing to painting to assembly to laser cutting, every custom centerpiece was carefully planned and executed to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience. 

PARTNER Productions
PARTNER Productions

We took on this challenge to recreate a theme that's been done many times, analyzed it from every angle and synthesized our ideas with different techniques to create an unforgettable New York experience for our client. 

Let's hear it for New York!

PARTNER Productions

Photo Credit: Blink