A sales meeting in Aspen with exclusive mountain access. A two city trip for top clients with custom excursions and private jet charters. A meet & greet and cooking demo with the world's leading Chefs.

You have only so many times to truly impress. Wouldn't you like to make it memorable and personal?

A run-of-the-mill producer can provide a good enough time. PARTNER Productions will raise your bar forever.

With no idea too big or insurmountable, our incentive travel programs are built on precision and detail. We’ll magnify your vision with next-level creativity while nailing down the logistics for smooth sailing—whether that’s passing a football with an NFL player, or sipping cult wine with its famous winemaker. No matter how impossible your vision sounds, we have a way of making it reality.

In addition to experiences for English-speaking clients, our founder Diana Tsao is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. She constructs programs that allow visitors from China to fully embrace the U.S. With a rich history of planning events for American Express Centurion "Black Card" members, Diana leverages key relationships in luxury and lifestyle areas. Her process is a balance of cultural savvy, event expertise, and an ability to think outside any box.

Together, we’ll brainstorm your dream destination and experience that achieves your objectives and meets your budget. We’ll work with people locally and abroad to make your vision possible. Our promise? To guide you the whole way through, ensuring your program flows without a hitch.

Do something special to reward your clients or your team. Request a consultation, call 212.837.8225 or email