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It is no secret that we have seen (more than once) and LOVED Crazy Rich Asians. What is not to love? Sweeping views of Singapore, beautiful Asian representation (long overdue), stellar acting, universal themes and over-the-top events! Those crazy rich events got us thinking, what would it take to produce a bachelor party on a cargo ship? (Doesn't everyone think logistics while snacking on popcorn?)

Haven't seen the movie and don't know what we are talking about? It's all good. What do most movies centered around a wedding have? A crazy Bachelor Party. With "Crazy Rich" in the movie title, we knew this would be unforgettable. The photo above shows how crazy you can go if you have the imagination and the budget! While the party in this film was actually created on a parking lot, it certainly got us thinking...

PARTNER Productions

The average length of a cargo ship is 400m with a width of roughly 59m (Picture ~8 football fields). Can you imagine all of the fun you could pack into that space? Pools, a Rolls Royce DJ booth, a casino, climbing wall, basketball courts, dance floors, the opportunities really are endless. But what does a planner think of? Where is the kitchen? Where are guests sleeping? What are the emergency evacuation plans? What is the legal capacity? What permits are needed in the South China Sea? Who is cleaning up all of the confetti? Are guest arriving by yacht or chopper? Do our radios work out there? How many days in advance can we deliver to the ship? What are the insurance requirements? Seriously, we could go on and on.

PARTNER Productions

One thing is certain, it is not a good idea to let your client shoot fireworks from the deck! Don't get the reference? See Crazy Rich Asians NOW!

Go see the #1 movie in America already!

Photo Credit: NYPost, mustsharenews@funnyasiandude