Creating a March Madness Weekend Experience


March Madness is fast approaching and bringing with it events and activations to promote the Final Four Championship. How do you craft an experience that aligns your client’s objectives and their members' desires? That is the question we had to answer when we were asked by a private jet company to come up with an unforgettable weekend in Phoenix for the Final Four Championship 2017.

What basketball fan wouldn't love the chance to talk shop with Grant Hill or Bob Knight? Integrating well-respected basketball talent into this three-day weekend creates an experience a client will never forget. Day one, guests get their first braggable moment during a VIP Semi-Finals Watch Party Saturday at the private jet hangar, engaging in pre game and half time analysis with top basketball talent, like Grant Hill or Bob Knight. Current players have to be excluded because of NCAA regulations.

On day two Sunday, guests unwind and play 18 holes on a world-renowned course under the desert sun with more respected basketball talent for this action-packed weekend. Charles Barkley, a NBA and NCAA Hall of Famer, can offer insightful analysis of the college games while being no stranger to a 5 iron. Championship Game Day Monday brings live, in-depth analysis from respected coach and broadcast talent while watching the game in premium seats and/or suites at the University of Phoenix Stadium. We can't think of a better backdrop for a selfie with a basketball legend than the Final Four Championship game. 

Rewarding loyal members and courting prospects by creating an exclusive and customized experience with A-List talent and local activities is key to delivering a game-changing weekend.

Brush up on your Bracketology!
-DTE Team

Photo Credit: Final Four, Eventinterface