Creating a Successful VR Campaign


Virtual Reality (VR) is popping up everywhere we turn. Coachella is using VR for the second time in their festival welcome box, Patron is giving an inside look at the process of creating their tequila and TOMS is showing customers exactly where their second pair of shoes are going. So how do you start creating an unforgettable VR campaign true to your brand? Learn from others mistakes! AdAge’s “4 Newbie VR Mistakes to Avoid” lays out 4 common mistakes made while creating a VR experience.

  1. Don't “Make viewers nauseous” - No one wants a sick guest! Giving the viewer a level horizon their eye can focus on will ensure guests remember your experience for the right reasons. 
  2. Don't “Pace to the wrong beat” - This is not the time to apply the "less is more" mindset. Give the viewer enough time to explore the immersive scene you have created before shifting to another.
  3. Don't “Chase a gimmick” - The VR experience you create should build an emotional bond with the viewer. Following VR trends like a scavenger hunt might not align with the story you are trying to tell.
  4. Don't “Forget about the story” - VR opens the door to endless opportunities. Use creativity to craft a strong and true story.

These four mistakes are the starting point in creating a successful VR campaign. Go through the journey as your customer, thinking of each touch point to ensure the entire experience is memorable and impactful. This will help you craft the optimal experience for your customers while remaining true to your brand. 

Happy Experimenting!
-DTE Team

Photo Credit: Ad Age