No more yellow snow!


As New Yorkers, we rarely get to enjoy one of best parts of winter... fresh, clean snow! Who doesn't like diving into snow and making a perfect snow angel? In the city, that's a daredevil's task. Now imagine a snowball clean enough to eat that you get right here in NYC, you can't ... can you?  

Thanks to MKG, an experiential marketing company, some New Yorkers were lucky enough to get their hands on some "pristine balls" this past December. BizBash highlighted MKG's campaign, which ran with the tagline "New York's only filth-free snowballs" and included a branded truck roaming the streets of NYC. To complete the experience, individual snowballs were handed out in branded packaging with the custom hashtag #pristineballs and MKG's social media handle. 

To prove the snowballs' freshness, the ingredients label (or lack there of) showed what was not included in the "pristine balls": dog urine and cigarette ashes. We got a kick out of this experiential marketing campaign that MKG pulled off flawlessly. Congratulations MKG, the glory of winter in NYC has been restored!  


Photo Credit: BizBash