Passion for Production


What makes you love your job? What excites you and gets you in the office every day? A recent article by BizBash (asking professionals "What's Your Favorite—and Least Favorite—Part of the Event-Planning Process?") got us thinking about why we love event production. While there are countless reasons, #teamPARTNER agreed the following three reasons are why we work the late nights and long days, pore over spreadsheets on spreadsheets on spreadsheets and wake up feeling excitement every day. Who needs coffee anyway?

Wigging out - From diving into an 8-feet pillow pit to a wig selfie (pictured above), event set up is always filled with laughs. A few giggles here and there help us stay focused on what is important, flawless execution of the tasks at hand.

Details, details, details - Every detail is important. From conceptualizing to execution we enjoy incorporating fun and exciting details. Have you seen the larger than life Alice in Wonderland photobooth pictured below?


Smiling faces - We are able to show up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed because of our clients. Seeing their happy, surprised or even intrigued faces during an event is the ultimate reward for us. 

Whatever your profession or passion we hope you enjoy doing what you do as much as #teamPARTNER does.

Do what you love!