Sustainability x Events


Today is World Ocean Day and has us thinking about the environment and how to incorporate sustainability in events. We have all experienced it. Your event is over, there is uneaten food and beautiful florals on every table. You can only carry so many boxes of leftovers. What do you do? This is a question many event producers face. Don’t worry – we have the answer!

DONATE! You may not be able to carry all those leftovers home, but there are many charities that can. donateNYC is a government database connecting donatees to charitable organizations (this includes more than just food!). There is even an app! Transfernation is another NYC based non-profit using technology to end hunger. Not in NYC? Rock and Wrap it up! has an extensive "Hungerpedia" that will connect you wil local organizations in need.

So you have food covered, but what about those breathtaking florals? Enter Rebloom. Planners need only to submit a request with details about the arrangements and event. Rebloom then shares a photo, description and price of flowers with their list of subscribers and posts on their site. Once your event is over, Rebloom appears to pick up your florals. Sounds pretty easy to us!

Food to floral to leftover gifts technology and caring individuals have made it easier than ever to eliminate waste.

Happy donating!