Team PARTNER goes to school...

PARTNER Floral 2.jpg

If you are going to learn a new craft, you want to learn from experts, right? That was our thinking when we enrolled in an intro floral class at the Flower School in New York City. So how did it go? You tell us!

Armed with a list of questions and our notes app opened, we were ready to create our very own garden arrangement. What is a garden arrangement? Glad you asked! A very popular style at the moment, a garden arrangement typically has at least three kinds of foliage, one focal floral, 2-3 accent flowers, and 1-2 smaller weeds. Curious what our arrangement featured? See the photo below!

Flower School.jpg

Taking this class made our Monday a lot more fun while giving Team PARTNER the skills to properly articulate and create beauty with florals. If that wasn't enough, we learned the perfect way to open a rose! (hold them by the stem and blow in the middle of rosebud!)

Happy Arranging!