The Ceiling is the Limit


Event design can be a complex element that adds a layer of intimacy when executed correctly. Utilizing a space to its full potential can sometimes be as easy as looking up. Here are our thoughts on BizBash’s “24 Unique Ideas for Ceiling Decor.” Wouldn’t you want to eat dinner under a sky of balloons changing color with each course you are served?

Of course the ceiling can be used for more than interactive lighting. The Jewish Museum’s Purim Ball utilized their overhead space with pops of color while promoting their brand. 5,000 colorful T-Shirts were hung from the rafters to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort while adding an element of surprise to the space.

We are constantly looking for creative and relevant ways to design spaces that align with our event goals. Whether you are using interactive lighting to tell your story, adding a surprise element with color, or creating intimacy with nature, just remember to let your creativity fly!

Here’s looking up!
-DTE Team

Photo Credit: BizBash