60 Floors Above Manhattan


Sometimes the stars align and timing is right to be one of the first to plan an amazing evening in Union Square Hospitality’s first-ever event space. A client looking for the ideal location for their NY launch approached #teamPARTNER the same week Bay Room opened its doors. Seriously we were the 2nd large event in the space! What did we do with this lucky timing? We brought in color, glowing furniture and covered pillars in florals!

PARTNER Productions

We did mention Bay Room is 60 floors above downtown Manhattan with oversized windows and breathtaking views, right? These windows provided the ideal branding opportunity with a stunning backdrop. Six sponsor logos each over 4 feet wide decorated a section, with the main sponsor brands located behind the stage. (see above) We didn't stop there, blue and silver balloons arched over the stage, adding a playful branding element to this important launch. Ombre uplights, a large step and repeat, and a metallic blue carpet aisle runner brought the room together. (see below)


Full of knowledge and excitement, guests traveled west as the sun set, surprised yet again by the view. Striking south, west and north (twilight) views greeted them for a celebratory cocktail reception. Giant pillars covered in floor-to-ceiling greenery with ombre accents were center stage as guests enjoyed bites from Union Square Hospitality (see top). Glowing furniture added to the ambiance as sponsor logos reflected on the windows, almost becoming a part of the skyline. (see below)


When the stars align (or even when they don't), let your imagination run wild and have all the fun you can to create an epic event.

Have some fun!

Photo Credit: blink