360 Degrees of 3D Fun

PARTNER Productions

Do you think about 3D printing…yourself? We are long past boxy photobooths that fit four people (maybe five if you squeeze!) Are we dating ourselves now? Today, opportunities for shareable moments at events start at GIF photo booths and green screens and go way beyond. What if your guests want something more…something tangible?

PARTNER Productions

This is where photo booths and 3D printing make magic at events. Step 1: take a 360 degree photo shareable via social media for immediate satisfaction. Step 2: wait a few weeks while the photo falls down your Insta feed. Step 3: get a package in snail mail of a 3D printed half foot model of yourself, translated pixel by pixel from the 360 degree photo (see photos above). Talk about a tangible memory!

Next time you head to an event, choose your outfit wisely because it may be immortalized forever!

Say cheese!

Photo Credit: beheld3d, shapifymylife