PARTNER Loves Color

PARTNER Productions

It is true, #teamPARTNER loves color! Which is why our eyes were happy to see Bizbash's VidCon 2018: 26 Colorful Ways Brands Targeted Generation Z. Interactive photo ops were abundant from relaxing lounges to branded photo booths. Did we have favorites? Of course! 

We are a sucker for blue (especially Cobalt!). Facebook's blue thumbs-up photo op caught our eye (see above), taking the Like icon to a whole new level. If blue isn't your color, 3D emoji rooms were next door from haha to angry to satisfy photo needs.

We have to admit we have thought about getting PARTNER wallpaper for the office. MTV's Cribs activation now has us convinced (see below)! 

PARTNER Productions

Photo ops are great but sometimes you need to relax. Snapchat's creator lounge was a greenery colorful oasis for meetings and networking (see below). Who doesn't want to network in a hammock?


While color is important, please remember to use it wisely. Stay true to your brand. Especially if that means getting branded wallpaper!

Live colorfully!

Photo Credit: BizBash