PARTNER Productions

As a minority and women-owned business, supporting other women is very important to us. From mentoring to producing events that help empower women entrepreneurs, #teamPARTNER is all about girl power. *Cue the Spice Girls music now*

We brought this passion to two recent conferences we produced for WENYC, an initiative based out of the New York City Department of Small Business Services. Keynotes, morning sessions, and one-on-one counseling filled up the itinerary for the first conference, held at NYU Kimmel Center for University Life. Women entrepreneurs had the opportunity to hear Author Dorie Clark speak before learning about crowdsourcing then attending a one-on-one credit counseling. All under one roof! Did we mention, childcare was provided?!? 


The second conference was more intimate, allowing women from all stages of entrepreneurship to get to know and work with one another on their business. After an impassioned speech from OwnersUP Co-founder, Tanya Alverez, groups formed to create and share successful business goals. These mini workshops, each facilitated by someone from the OwnersUp team, provide valuable insight on proper goal prioritization and action plan creation.


We are lucky enough to live in the best city in the WORLD for Women entrepreneurs and we will continue to do our part to keep it that way. Singing Spice Girls while we do it!

Support your local Entreprenuers! 

Photo Credit: PARTNER, Agora Photography