Happy Year of the Pig!

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Happy Chinese New Year! Yesterday was the first day of the 4,716th Lunar New Year and the Year of the Pig! In the past we have talked about lucky numbers, lucky colors and all important red envelopes. Today we shift our focus to something even more important: family. Have you seen the new Apple ad for Chinese New Year? It will give you ALL the feels (and maybe some tears). Watch it below!

Chinese New Year is all about spending time with your family. For Chinese people, this time always involves food…gathering it, cooking it, eating it, and schlepping some back home (looking at you 30 gallon cooking oil jug at the end). This video, shot entirely on an iPhone XS by influential Chinese director Jia Zhahngke, is a poignant reminder for the fragile but unbroken bonds of family across long distances.

Hopefully you spent New Years with your family. If that wasn’t possible, we hope you get some home cooking soon!

Happy Year of the Pig!

Photo/Video Credit: tripsavvy, YouTube