Crown Shy Opens

PARTNER Productions

We love a good transformation. We love it even more when it involves a historic Art Deco skyscraper, delicious food, mouthwatering cocktails, and (most importantly) super talented friends. #teamPARTNER visited our friends Chef James Kent and General Manager Jeff Katz at their brand new restaurant, Crown Shy.

PARTNER Productions

Walking into this 87-year-old building on Monday, we remembered our first visit months ago that involved a few hard hats and blueprints. There was so much more to take in on this visit, from the 30-foot granite marble bar that welcomes you, the 16-foot windows (yes, we said 16-foot!) and the modern 120-seat dining room. You better believe we saw those Le Labo amenities too 🕯 (we are very thorough guests)!

PARTNER Productions

But this is a visit to the restaurant with a diverse menu. So without further ado, from left to right, top to bottom:

Gruyere Fritters (heaven, right?)

Cauliflower, Parmigiano, Sherry Reduction

Red Snapper Crudo, Citrus, Sesame Tuile

Signature cocktails: Flightplan and Rye Crown

FullSizeRender 3.jpeg

We are even more excited to witness the transformation of the restaurant, cocktail and private dining space on floors 62, 63, 64 and 66. We will pack our hard hats!


PARTNER Productions