Experiential Cherry Blossoms

PARTNER Productions

It's cherry blossom season y'all! Which means the weather is getting warmer, the trees are in full bloom and we can expect to see some beautifully creative activations coming from the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.. Lucky for us Bizbash featured a roundup of some of the best events during National Cherry Blossom Festival. From pop-ups to Pink Tie Galas to some interactive tech, this year's roundup is full of creativity and we are here for it! Read on for some of our favorites.

We do love a good space transformation and Drink Company's Cherry Blossom Pub (pictured above) is an epic floral example. Don’t you want to be there sipping some crisp rosé? Taking inspiration from the Palace of Versailles, this pop-up bar features more than 10,000 Japanese cherry blossoms, peonies and roses. The special projects team at Drink Company has creatively designed a romantic atmosphere for those that want to enjoy their blossoms with a cocktail in hand, away from unpredictable spring weather. If you want to check it out you better hurry! The Cherry Blossom Pub is open until April 21st.

PARTNER Productions

Artechouse’s ‘In Peak Bloom’ Exhibition (pictured above) set our tech hearts aflutter. Not only is it an interactive wonderland but "the exhibition celebrates spring and women in the arts and tech, with five immersive installations created by women artists and women-led art collectives." #womensupportingwomen Blooming (pictures below) is a testament to the importance of physical connection as a life-sized cherry blossom tree flourishes when attendees hold hands. Once attendees release their hands the installation returns to its pre-bloom state. This is such a colorful and creative way to remind others to stay present.

PARTNER Productions

#teamPARTNER so impressed with the creative and experiential events taking place we may need to plan a visit south next Spring!

Happy Spring!

Photo Credit: BizBash