Celebrating Asia Week


New York City will get a little more beautiful tomorrow with the start of Asia Week, a ten-day celebration of Asian art. The week will be filled with nonstop events to recognize the importance of Asian culture in the world.

Every March, Asian art is on full display thanks to the collaborations between Asian art specialists, major auction houses, world-renowned museums and Asian cultural institutions. With over 50 gallery exhibitions, walking tours are being created for the public to ensure they see all they can during this nine-day art extravaganza. Whether you are interested in Contemporary art or fine Japanese prints, there is an exhibit for you. If collecting art is more your style, Sotheby's will feature Asian auctions from as far back as the Neolithic Period, featuring such relics as fine classical paintings from Bad Ashanren or the figures below from the Qing Dynasty.

Asia Week is March 9th - 18th, so lace up your walking shoes or dust off your auction paddle and enjoy as much Asian art as you can.

Happy Gallery Hopping!
-DTE Team

Photo Credit: Asia Week, Sotheby's


Creating a March Madness Weekend Experience


March Madness is fast approaching and bringing with it events and activations to promote the Final Four Championship. How do you craft an experience that aligns your client’s objectives and their members' desires? That is the question we had to answer when we were asked by a private jet company to come up with an unforgettable weekend in Phoenix for the Final Four Championship 2017.

What basketball fan wouldn't love the chance to talk shop with Grant Hill or Bob Knight? Integrating well-respected basketball talent into this three-day weekend creates an experience a client will never forget. Day one, guests get their first braggable moment during a VIP Semi-Finals Watch Party Saturday at the private jet hangar, engaging in pre game and half time analysis with top basketball talent, like Grant Hill or Bob Knight. Current players have to be excluded because of NCAA regulations.

On day two Sunday, guests unwind and play 18 holes on a world-renowned course under the desert sun with more respected basketball talent for this action-packed weekend. Charles Barkley, a NBA and NCAA Hall of Famer, can offer insightful analysis of the college games while being no stranger to a 5 iron. Championship Game Day Monday brings live, in-depth analysis from respected coach and broadcast talent while watching the game in premium seats and/or suites at the University of Phoenix Stadium. We can't think of a better backdrop for a selfie with a basketball legend than the Final Four Championship game. 

Rewarding loyal members and courting prospects by creating an exclusive and customized experience with A-List talent and local activities is key to delivering a game-changing weekend.

Brush up on your Bracketology!
-DTE Team

Photo Credit: Final Four, Eventinterface


How We Created the Perfect 3-City Surprise Party


We enjoy a good surprise party like the rest of them, especially when the surprise takes you to three different cities in two continents on three consecutive Saturdays! Planning such an event takes creativity and code names! So how did we create three unique experiences that still had a unifying theme? We focused on interpreting the client's top three requests - great music, great food & showcasing each city - across cultures and time zones to make every party unique and unforgettable. 

Prague: Consulting on City One of the birthday adventure required out-of-the-box ideas to properly showcase Old World Europe and the guest of honor's hometown authentically. Guests cruised down the Vltava River to see the “city of a thousand spires" from a new perspective. Dining on local Czech cuisine and dancing to local rock bands created an event that would be hard to top.

New York City: Top it we did, on the 34th floor of One World Trade Center with 180 degree skyline and Statue of Liberty views. Incorporating the guest of honor's love of classical music, we brought in a quartet from world-renowned Juilliard School to develop a custom program that featured composer Antonín Dvorak, a native of the client's home country. The quartet performed a full length concert with intermission and interspersed with intimate question & answer sessions. Taking inspiration from the New World, guests ascended to the 35th floor to geometric intersecting place cards paying homage to the bold lines of the very skyscraper they were dining in. 

Arizona: Given the success of surprises in Cities One and Two, the final party had to be wild. Scouring the Arizona deserts, we discovered a decommissioned restaurant at Saguaro Ranch, a private gated community outside Tucson. From the venue, only the Tucson lights in the distance and miles of cacti are visible, there was not a person or building in sight. Upping the wild west atmosphere and helping guests look the part, One Experience branded a personalized cowboy hat for each guest. In the warm desert air, guests proceeded upstairs to dine under the stars where they found their tables with the help of branded prickly pears. Local country western band Canyon Walls kept guests dancing all night until the cows came home! 

It is important to focus on details large and small when planning any event, but when planning three for the same client you must make each event stand out for different and authentic reasons. Focusing on local specialities and unique venues, like personalized branded cowboy hats or a customized concert, will make for an unforgettable three city party no one will soon forget.

-DTE Team

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The Ceiling is the Limit


Event design can be a complex element that adds a layer of intimacy when executed correctly. Utilizing a space to its full potential can sometimes be as easy as looking up. Here are our thoughts on BizBash’s “24 Unique Ideas for Ceiling Decor.” Wouldn’t you want to eat dinner under a sky of balloons changing color with each course you are served?

Of course the ceiling can be used for more than interactive lighting. The Jewish Museum’s Purim Ball utilized their overhead space with pops of color while promoting their brand. 5,000 colorful T-Shirts were hung from the rafters to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort while adding an element of surprise to the space.

We are constantly looking for creative and relevant ways to design spaces that align with our event goals. Whether you are using interactive lighting to tell your story, adding a surprise element with color, or creating intimacy with nature, just remember to let your creativity fly!

Here’s looking up!
-DTE Team

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6 Ways to Improve Experiences with Tech


Technology is quickly changing the experiential marketing and events industry with innovative ways to enhance your guest experience and amplify it beyond the people in the room. With many options available, it is important to prioritize technology that complements your story, audience and budget. The choices can be a little overwhelming, so here are 6 of our favorites. Why? Because #ahashtagisnotenough

  1. Snap - let's face it, people will be in Snap at your event anyway, so why not also engage with them within the app with location-based filters. Or get a few Spectacles - sure to make a scene.
  2. Facebook Live - allows up to 4 hours of real-time sharing with your audience near and far
  3. Instagram Live Video - disappears as soon as your video ends, so it creates a sense of urgency and brings people into live sharing excitement
  4. Augmented Reality - think Pokémon Go, it enhances reality (what you're actually seeing) with an extra digital layer of storytelling
  5. Virtual Reality - completely immerses guests in your story in a customizable digital atmosphere, there is nothing real about what they're seeing
  6. Hologram - projections let guests experience in 3D

With great choices come great responsibility. How do you choose the tech best suited for your story and the experience you want to create? Is using more than one technology at an event overkill? You'll need to answer these questions, and more, to maximize your return on investment.

We can help! If you would like us to answer these questions for you and create an unforgettable experience, request a consultation, call 212.837.8225 or email hello@dianatsao.com .

Happy Storytelling!
-DTE Team

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