And The Award Goes To...


Once in a while, we will review the most recent issue of BizBash (THE publication for event planners & experiential marketers) and share our perspective with you! The 2015 BizBash Events Style Awards winners were recently announced. Categories range from Best Corporate Event Concept with a budget under $250,000 to the Best Guerrilla Marketing Campaign. Here are a couple that stood out...

An invitation is the first impression of an event. Who wouldn't like getting this oversized engraved chroma key invitation (which won Best Print Or Digital Invitation Design) in the mail? There is an impressive amount of detail, including laser cut Alice in Wonderland (AIW) characters and a bed of turf simulating the AIW forest floor. This invitation stands out immediately, gives guests a taste of the event to come and makes a bold statement. Receiving an invitation like this sets the guests' standards high and should intrigue them enough to not miss your event!

Our other select won Best New Event Product Or Service and it is the Catchbox Pro, a wireless microphone hidden inside a soft cube. What we like about this product is that it can turn a conference into an interactive experience while sharing the (box) mic. Being a plush cube, it is safe to toss from attendee to attendee. Not only does it add a fun element to your event, it can quite literally make your brand fly across the room. Each cover can be branded or personalized.

What do both of these winners have in common?’s all about the details!

Congrats to the winners!