The Sky is Not the Limit


As you're preparing to sit down for a Thanksgiving meal, imagine your table elevated 50 meters off the ground. You would be dining in the sky... it's a real thing! You and your friends, harnessed into your seats, suspended around a table, for a full dinner service. 

Beyond the breathtaking views and the endless opportunities for the perfect selfie, there are many forms of entertainment for you and your guests. If you prefer the gentle sounds of Bach or Mozart, elevate a piano next to your table. If you would like a more upbeat tune, elevate a DJ and turntables to spin throughout the night. If you're hosting a corporate dinner, instead of elevating music why not elevate your product? This is a great opportunity for experiential marketing. The sky is no longer the limit.

Talk about once in a lifetime. Next time you want to bring your meal to the next level, literally, think about eating in the clouds. We are all about sharing unique experiences and making anything you think is impossible, a reality.

Up, Up and Away!