Diana Tsao Events rebranding to PARTNER Productions


Thank you for your support the last four and a half years. It is your trust and belief in us that enabled us to grow. Today we are thrilled to announce Diana Tsao Events is rebranding to…


Why the change? 
We outgrew our name! We are more than event planners. We needed a name to properly reflect the scope of what we do and our unique approach. We are objective-driven experience producers, project managers, strategic creative thinkers, spreadsheet lovers, and experts at customer experience & logistics. We are your PARTNER!

We PARTNER with our clients. We are your champions and biggest cheerleaders! We help you think critically, identify your needs (even when you can't articulate what "it" is) and then make it happen. Whether we work with you for 5 months or 5 years, we recommend solutions that consider the short and long term. 

You'll notice our eye graphic here and there. Why an eye? We see a fresh perspective. We see inspiration from everywhere - different industries and worlds. We see what matters. (The pupil is loosely inspired by Swiss designer Müller-Brockmann's clean graphics)

What now?
Welcome to our updated website www.partnerproductions.com
You can reach the core PARTNER team at our new emails here. We'd love to hear from you!
(Our phone numbers and office address remain the same)

Happy Summer and we look forward to continuing to be your PARTNER!