Projection Mapping Transformation

PARTNER Productions

You have grand ideas to transform a ballroom (into anything other than a ballroom) but must adhere to venue regulations. No flame throwers? No giant fish tank? How do you get around these rules to create the ultimate experience for your guests? The answer is simple, projection mapping!

What is projection mapping? A digital way to project video on any 3D surface to create an interactive display. We do mean any surface! With the right equipment the side of a plane, a shoe, an air duct, even the Sydney Opera House can transform into your wildest dreams. 

We Are The Oceans' (WATO) "Creating for a Cause" cocktail reception at ONE UN presented PARTNER with a creative opportunity. The goal was to show attendees the effects plastic pollution has on our oceans and motivate them into action. We teamed up with Bravo Media to create a 56ft x 3 ft projection mapped wall of the ocean. But we didn't stop there, plastic garbage added to the blue water projection made it impossible to ignore the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. 

Digital innovations have made tremendous leaps to help display your creativity. Instead of transforming a space by building something, projection mapping is a cost effective option. You are only limited by your imagination!

Happy Mapping!

Photo Credit: Pretty Instant
Video Credit: Bravo Media