How To Double Attendee Registration


You have an amazing event that 840 people registered for in 2016 but want to enhance your reach for 2017. How can you increase that number? This was a question PARTNER Productions conquered head-on this year. How did we increase 2017 registration to 1,540? We focused on the following 5 things:

  1. The early bird gets the worm - Send your registration emails out a few weeks earlier than last year. This will give attendees more time to view your event website, clear their schedule and register.
  2. Email often - We are all guilty of opening an email and forgetting about it. Why not send your attendees a little reminder? Start by sending 1 email a week, then 2 a week the month before your event and 3 emails the final week of registration.
  3. Optimization is key - Ever wonder when your contact list opens their emails most often? Email automation platforms like Mailchimp offer algorithms to help optimize send times, targeting your audience when they are most likely to act.
  4. Think outside of the box - Are there other contacts you could invite? Whether your event is open to everyone or a select group, including prospective attendees who were not originally invited will guarantee a spike in attendee registration.
  5. Eliminate basic questions - Overseeing the registration website and platform will ensure no detail gets overlooked. Wouldn’t you be much more likely to register for an event if you have all event details and an easy-to-use registration platform?

Focusing on these 5 steps will ensure your registration numbers increase, whether you are handling this in-house or hiring event production experts like PARTNER Productions.

Happy Planning!