Creative Treats X 0% Food Waste


Through innovative companies or government programs, it is becoming easier to donate food and floral from events. We have even written about it! This got us thinking, is 0% food waste for an event a lofty goal? What if those coffee grounds could create a tasty syrup? Those pineapple rinds used for piña coladas must have some flavor left in them! So how can this discarded food help to produce a 0% waste event?

With over 133 billion pounds of food wasted in the US each year, chefs and bartenders are using their creativity to discover ways to reduce that number. Reusing food waste not only provides your guests with a tasty treat but allows them to actively participate in the solution. Olmsted, a Brooklyn-based restaurant, reuses the strawberries steeped for cocktails in their soft serve dessert, seen in the picture above. Looking for more inspiration that 0% waste is obtainable? Browsing Trashtiki's online recipe platform for syrups, garnishes, and cocktails made from by-products makes sustainability look easy.

Many events tout environmental causes and do their part to reduce their waste, but how many events have you heard of that can say they produced 0% food waste? By incorporating small changes paired with the creativity of your chef and bartender, 0% is possible! And tasty!

Recycle, reduce, reuse!

Photo Credit: Grubstreet