Why Incentive Travel?


"After paragliding through the mountains, we drank champagne from an ice bar overlooking Aspen!" Whether you are awarding your top rock star salespeople or thanking your best clients, incentive travel creates a one-of-a-kind engagement that is unforgettable. With the increasing popularity of unique experiences, companies are turning to incentive travel to reward and motivate. Why incentive travel? What are the benefits?

Before the trip - Similar to winning an award or trophy, incentive travel is public recognition of a job well done. "Winning" an experience is a badge of honor your client or team can speak about with pride and excitement. "We are going to Italy for a weekend truffle adventure!"

During the trip - Imagine how close your team would become playing a friendly game with an NFL team or how special your client would feel harvesting grapes at an award winning vineyard? These unforgettable experiences create a camaraderie impossible to create in an office or meeting setting. Plus they are a lot of fun!

After the trip - Memories of that experience will last a lifetime! Through social media or word of mouth, these memories are not soon to fade. A surprise photo album of the experience allows your team or client to relive the trip over and over again. Hearing (or seeing) about these once-in-a-lifetime experiences will motivate non-winners to hit their goals for the next year.

Thinking through the experience beginning to end while focusing on the end customer will create the ultimate experience. Why not let PARTNER Productions help? We will guide you the whole way through, ensuring your program flows without a hitch so you can focus on engaging your team and clients. Call 212.837.8225 or email hello@partnerproductions.com, we are waiting to work with you to create an unforgettable trip!

Happy Incentivising!

Photo Credit: PARTNER Productions, Aspen Paragliding