Let There Be Neon!


Sponsorship branding. Decor. Lighting. Motivation. Whatever the use, neon lights are appearing at more events in bold and exciting new ways. Like the giant neon Absolut bottle pictured above from a Grammy after-party in Los Angeles produced by MKG. Bizbash's "Trend Spotted: Neon Logos Are Having a Moment" compiled nine examples of neon signage at events. What were our favorites?

The Urban Arts Partnership's incorporation of neon centerpieces with words of inspiration is an example of mood lighting with a message. The photo below is from their 25th anniversary which shed light on the group’s mission while creating exciting decor. Now we love incorporating cacti into decor (we have even branded them!), but neon cacti? Sign us up! H&M featured neon cacti at their H&M Loves Coachella collection launch in Times Square, bringing the desert to NYC.

Urban Arts Partnership.jpg

Ready to include neon in your next event? Remember to stay true to your brand. Neon can be a bold and flashy accent piece or a subtle addition to a well-designed event. Choose wisely!

Let there be neon!

Photo Credit: BizBash