A Fresh Perspective


With our recent rebranding, we have been thinking a lot about perspective. It is so important we incorporated it into our logo!

Eye transp.png

This fresh perspective allows us to pull inspiration from everywhere - different industries and worlds. So what does Georges Seurat's 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte' have to do with our approach to event production?

Viewing Seurat's mathematical precision of his dot placement is impressive, but stepping back to see how those dots are woven together is an experience. This is how we view each event we produce. Each dot is strategically placed to contribute to the overall experience. One area may need a bit more attention than the others, but they are all an important piece of the experience. Seurat's famous painting is also a reminder to keep our eyes open for inspiration. You never know, you may find a woman walking a monkey!

Focusing only on one spreadsheet, one floor plan or one detail is a lot like focusing on one dot of a Georges Seurat painting, you will lose sight of the work of art. 

Here's to fresh perspectives!

Photo Credit: The Met