5 Stars, Four Seasons


What's on your bucket list this year? Imagine hopping on a private jet that takes you from one five-star experience to the next... for three weeks. You would travel to nine different destinations in style. We’re talking about Timeless Discoveries, one of five trips designed for Around the World by Four Seasons.

Start your travels with a Dom Pérignon toast as you board the Four Seasons private jet, from there your options are limitless. A full-service concierge accompanies you to manage all your travel needs. Executive Chef Kerry Sear cooks your meals in-flight with the freshest ingredients secured from the last destination you left. Once you land, your experiences continue to be five-star from day to night. Ride an elephant through the jungles in Thailand or go whitewater rafting in Indonesia, your wish becomes reality.

This grand trip is more than simply a vacation, it is a gravity-defying bucket list life experience. With each day meticulously planned, it is safe to say that Around the World excursions are curated to perfection. These journeys embody what the best travel and life experiences should be, memorable and personal. We tip our hats to the Around the World series by Four Seasons (and cross our fingers they might need a couple "mystery jetters" :)

Safe travels!

Photo Credit: Four Seasons