Happy New Year!


It’s almost 2016 in the Western Gregorian calendar! While our calendar is based on the earth's revolutions around the sun, the Chinese Lunar calendar (where the year right now is 4713 and New Year arrives February 9) is based on the cycles of the moon. In either case, Chinese perceive numbers to have very powerful meanings and properties. Let's take a look.

We are entering 2-0-1-6, a very lucky year because each of these numbers has positive and prosperous meanings. These meanings are often derived from other Chinese words which share a similar sound to the number.

2 is seen as lucky because “good things come in pairs”
0 is neutral but is favored because large monetary sums end in “0”
1 symbolizes the power of independence  
6 represents prosperity and is commonly related to heaven 

And the luckiest number of all for the Chinese is 8 because it sounds like the Chinese word for prosper. May 2016 be positive and prosperous for you! 

Happy New Year!

Photo Credit: TimeOut New York