Happy Year of the Dog

Year of the Dog.jpg

Happy year of the Dog! This furry and loyal friend starts the 4,716th Lunar New Year tomorrow, February 16th. Lucky numbers and colors vary this year depending on your Zodiac animal, but one thing is consistently lucky - the red envelope. Young singles typically receive red envelopes filled with lucky money (usually ending with an even digit - except 4) from married elders to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits in the coming year. Technology has completely changed the red envelope game the past few years.

Launched in 2014, WeChat turned the red envelope digital. Users of the app (roughly 963 million in 2017) can send virtual red envelopes to their contacts or group chats. The year of the Rooster saw over 3.2 billion envelopes gifted during the Lunar New Year! Now that is a lot of red (and green)!


Although WeChat users can send Red Envelopes all year long, there is a spike in Red Envelope gifting during Chinese New Year. You can send money to group chats in randomized amounts that makes for competitive red envelope tapping. You can either a) send a red envelope to distribute money evenly to the group chat members or b) choose to give more (or all) money to the first person who taps the envelope. Keep in mind, these envelopes expire after 24 hours so you need to tap quickly!

Traditions may adapt to new innovations but spending time with family on New Year's Eve will always be important, preferably with a few cute dogs present! 🐶

Happy New Year!

Photo Credit: FengShuiToday, WeChat