Projection Mapping Possibilities


It is no secret that PARTNER Productions appreciates creative, grand, and inspiring projection mapping (using projected graphics to transform a surface). Executed properly, your guests will be in awe of the emotional connection made thanks to your creativity (and tech!). Thanks to BizBash's recent article "16 Mind-Blowing Examples of Projection Mapping" we are adding two more to our list of favorites.

Incorporating projection mapping can transform your guests to another city, country or even world (the opportunities are seriously endless)! A corporate event at the Temple House (pictured at the top) is an example of such a transformation. The immersive dining room projection changed with each course and took guests on a journey through the U.S., South America, Europe, and Asia. The music, food and the server's costumes changed with each course to completely transport the guests in each location.

120 light fixtures and 24 flame projectors on eight vertical 165 feet "supertrees"? Now, this is one massive production! To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Singapore's Garden by the Bay, these supertrees turned into their own rainbow garden with flowers and bubbles (pictured below). This gave the tens of thousands of spectators a new and exciting way to celebrate the gardens.


Projection mapping lets you create an experience beyond your guest's wildest imaginations. Producing an event in Turkey may be out of reach with your budget, but your guests can experience what it would be like to dine in the Basilica Cistern for the evening.

Happy Projecting!

Photo Credit: BizBash