Happy Singles Day!


China is home to tens of millions of single men and women. As 2/14 is a celebration of couples, 11/11 (aka Singles Day) is a celebration of single people in China. 11/11 is called Singles Day because the date is comprised of four solitary "1"s. While some singles go out hoping to meet their perfect match, nearly all of them shop online that day... and spend a lot. 

On 11/11, singles are encouraged to celebrate themselves! Singles Day shopping is a little similar to Cyber Monday except it's bigger… MUCH BIGGER. Alibaba, China’s massive e-commerce company, processed over $9 Billion in sales last year on Singles Day alone! Incredibly, Singles Day is now the largest online shopping day in the world.

Want to join in the shopping fun here in the U.S.? As of last year, Dealmoon.com started offering Singles Day deals. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for 11/11 and buy your next party outfit!

Happy Shopping!