Up Close & Personal with Snoopy


Since 1924, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade down 6th Avenue has become a NYC institution. Some families venture out as early as 4AM for prime curb spots, by 7AM the streets are packed. It can be a few hours waiting in the November cold to see the flying balloons and performances in person. Want something different?

Get out of the cold with indoor reserved space (with food and drinks) at eye-level with the balloons along the parade route. If you don't mind the cold, take advantage of exclusive reserved seats outside.  From the Grandstands you can see the action (like Snoopy and Elf on the Shelf) very up close and personal.

Want to experience this for you and your family? Call us. Last year, a family of 8 reached out 3 days beforehand and we secured access for all of them. What better way to start the holiday season. Email hello@dianatsao.com or call 917.371.8878 for access.

Gobble Gobble