Don't Be Another Pizza Rat


It's 3 days until Halloween, our favorite costume holiday. We think you'll see some people dressed up as (albeit politically incorrect) “The Dentist who killed Cecil the Lion” and “The Pizza Rat” (in case you missed it, carb-loving rat here). If you want to go in a different direction, we have an idea for a simple costume that takes 5 minutes! 

Our creation, the Apple Watch. You will need:

  • Red Shirt (If the only red shirt you own has writing on it, no worries! Turn the shirt inside out)
  • Dark Pants (Or Skirt)
  • Green Bandana (Or Scarf, Shirt)
  • Sheet of Printer Paper
  • String
  1. Put on your red shirt, dark pants and tie the green bandana on your head
  2. Hold the paper portrait orientation and draw a clock
  3. Poke a small hole above the "12" and pull the string through. Make the string long enough so it hangs like a necklace. Voila...the Apple Watch! 

Get it? You're dressed as a red apple and the bandana is your leaf. When you add the clock around your neck, you become an "Apple Watch."

Happy Halloween!