Amplify Your Experiences


Take your next event from ordinary to extraordinary. Really think about how you can make your next experience more personal. Now, we're not talking about monogrammed napkins, we're talking about genuinely making an event personal. It’s time to think outside of the box. 

We all love a great night out with friends; good food, good drinks, great company. Instead of a classic night out, what about a night in? The door knocks, it’s your favorite Three Michelin Star Chef followed by a world renowned sommelier and a full wait staff. Learn to cook with the Chef as they teach you how to make one of their famous recipes or sit back, relax and let them do all of the work. 

What about the sports fans? Think about the last time you went to a baseball game with your friends. Can you remember being all cramped up in the small stadium seats, searching for the gloves you brought to keep you warm? Now reimagine watching a baseball game but in a craft beer bar. Just you, your friends and your favorite World Series ring wearing MLB player. Why stop there, why not head to your home field and burn off the bar food with private batting practice! That’s what we mean when we say personal. Remember, no idea is too big when it comes to amplifying your experience. 

Batter up!