Under Budget, Overjoyed.


If we asked you to fill in the blank what would you say? Events can be very __________. 

Yes. Very. Everyone is looking to save money on expenses like drinks and decor because they can quickly add up. Here are some basic tips to help you maximize your 2016 event budget.

We all know that everyone loves an open bar. Now, we’re not saying BYOB and have a free for all (no one wants to clean up that mess). Try offering a limited bar package. You may be surprised at how your beverage quote changes by only offering beer and wine. Trust us, no one will complain liquor isn't included when there is unlimited wine and beer! 

When it comes to decor, use the event space to your advantage. Find a venue that is unique in itself. The more your space has to offer, the less decor you will need. Maybe it has multiple chandeliers hanging from the ceiling (like The NoMad Hotel above) or has floor to ceiling windows that offer breathtaking views; either way they are both included in your venue price. 

Happy Saving!