Schneetag is German for "snow day" - and one of the most ridiculously entertaining events. Going on its 8th year this April 10th, Schneetag is one of the four annual festivals that close Aspen's ski season. During this event the most courageous build themed contraptions and "fly" them downhill. It doesn't end there, they then head off a jump and across an ice cold 75x20 foot pond at the bottom of the hill.  

This event is not one to miss! Teams of four sign up knowing the consequences are a little chilly. Though the event is lighthearted and full of laughter the teams have strict rules! The "vehicle" must be 100% human powered, weigh less than 400 lbs (including weight of the person "driving") and measure less than 10 feet wide. 

Before the teams cross their fingers and fly downhill they must perform a short skit. Themes can range from animals to celebrities. One of our favorites may be the Miley Cyrus impersonator who slid downhill...on a wrecking ball. 

The judges score teams based on costumes, theme, creativity and flight time. We imagine Schneetag is much funnier when you're not the one in the ice cold pond! If you are ever looking for a guest judge, you know who to call ;) See Schneetag in action here.

Happy Flying!

Photo Credit: Aspen Snowmass, Where to Ski and Snowboard