Your Own Private Island


Have you dreamed of relaxing on your own private island, sipping a nice bottle of vino while listening to waves crash? Luxury Retreats makes this a reality (for at least a week) with Coco Prive, a private island in the Indian Ocean. So how can this 1.4 hectare island make your dream a reality?

Let’s start with the basics. Guests arrive via luxury yacht to "a place where no one can find you, and there is no one to hide from." Greeted by white sand beaches, the only thing you will need to worry about is how to live your dream. Want to learn about the plethora of marine life around you while snorkeling? The in-house marine biologist can introduce you to the resident sea turtles! If culinary is your delight, indulge in a Maldivian culinary masterclass or choose a bottle of wine from the expansive cellar to drink while gazing at the sunset over the Indian Ocean. The opportunities are endless on this private oasis with a dedicated staff to ensure anything you can imagine is obtainable.


With unique properties like this and over 3,000 other professionally inspected luxury accommodations around the world, it is no surprise Luxury Retreats was recently acquired (Congrats!) by Airbnb. There you have it - there's really no excuse not to get your own private island now (at least for a week).

Enjoy Island Living!
-DTE Team

Photo Credit: Luxury Retreats