We all remember rolling up our sleeves and doing dishes as kids. But do you know many Asian-American families never outgrow this? Dishwashers in many Asian-American households are frequently (almost exclusively?!) only used as drying racks. Truth. We love how this cultural quirk has now made it to mainstream media on ABC!

Fresh off the Boat uses humor to shed light on different experiences of Asian-Americans and growing up in the 80's - and we love it. While in reality parents won't go so far as to tape over dishwasher control buttons to hide the machine's true identity as Eddie's mom does in this FOBT episode, the show is frequently spot on.

Whatever quirky customs you may have, we welcome that some of ours are on primetime TV - so we can stop explaining the double decker drying rack in our kitchen already :)

Happy Drying!
-DTE Team

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed