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One of the fun challenges we have producing an event is creating something unique and authentic every time. So when a Chinese client had their heart set on a New York City theme, we had our work cut out reworking such a popular theme. Did we mention there was a tight, two-week production window? We tapped into our extensive relationships in our NYC home base and got to work. This is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of, after all!

PARTNER Productions
PARTNER Productions

While we incorporated details of the city throughout the experience, the theme came to life when guests took their seats for dinner. Every table featured a different famous highlight of the city below. We deployed different techniques to bring our vision to life. From printing to painting to assembly to laser cutting, every custom centerpiece was carefully planned and executed to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience. 

PARTNER Productions
PARTNER Productions

We took on this challenge to recreate a theme that's been done many times, analyzed it from every angle and synthesized our ideas with different techniques to create an unforgettable New York experience for our client. 

Let's hear it for New York!

PARTNER Productions

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Do you dream in color?


Does your vision involve surrounding your guests with larger-than-life activities? Giving them a breathtaking view of the New York City skyline? Creating an inspiring conference? Taking in a quiet jazzy night? What about an evening filled with exciting activations? #teamPARTNER wants to work with you to create the ultimate experience that is true to you and your brand.


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Passion for Production


What makes you love your job? What excites you and gets you in the office every day? A recent article by BizBash (asking professionals "What's Your Favorite—and Least Favorite—Part of the Event-Planning Process?") got us thinking about why we love event production. While there are countless reasons, #teamPARTNER agreed the following three reasons are why we work the late nights and long days, pore over spreadsheets on spreadsheets on spreadsheets and wake up feeling excitement every day. Who needs coffee anyway?

Wigging out - From diving into an 8-feet pillow pit to a wig selfie (pictured above), event set up is always filled with laughs. A few giggles here and there help us stay focused on what is important, flawless execution of the tasks at hand.

Details, details, details - Every detail is important. From conceptualizing to execution we enjoy incorporating fun and exciting details. Have you seen the larger than life Alice in Wonderland photobooth pictured below?


Smiling faces - We are able to show up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed because of our clients. Seeing their happy, surprised or even intrigued faces during an event is the ultimate reward for us. 

Whatever your profession or passion we hope you enjoy doing what you do as much as #teamPARTNER does.

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Who Run The World?


Happy International Women's Day! With the importance of this day on our minds, we read BizBash's "Oscars 2018: What You Missed at the Week's Most Stylish Bashes" with a different perspective. From returning events to new partnerships, Oscar weekend was full of beautiful, supportive and inspiring events. Seeing an uptick in events with strong women (and men) coming together to support one another is inspiring (to say the least) and a reminder to keep up this momentum!

One such returning event was the Women in Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party, who celebrated its 11th soiree with a room full of female Hollywood power-players. If attendees were looking for more inspiration, an off-the-cuff speech by Viola Davis reminded women "the privilege of a lifetime is being exactly who you are." Excuse us while we make that our new mantra! 


Joining the list of powerful events held during the Oscars, Janelle Monáe hosted her own brunch with Belvedere Vodka to celebrate her organization Fem the Future. Powerful discussion about harnessing frustration into action took place around long farm tables surrounded by greenery (see below). 


Celebrating inclusion and diversity is important in every industry, every day. On International Women's Day, let's all take some time to celebrate the strong women in our lives!

The Future is Female!

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