Thanksgiving Food X Decor

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Pies ordered, grocery lists written, table decor created. Team PARTNER is ready for Thanksgiving! From an intimate family dinner to a large-scale event Bizbash's "18 Thanksgiving-Theme Food and Decor Ideas" presents inspiration to make this feast the best one yet. What ideas are we thankful for?
Well, they had us at "Triple Silken Pumpkin Pie". A delicious twist on our favorite part of Thanksgiving, dessert! This triple threat from The Tuck Room (pictured below) has a gingerbread crust, a caramel pumpkin chiboust layer below a cream layer and topped with a pumpkin custard. We'll take two, please!


The table setting pictured at the top and below make us thankful for classics! While white and red evoke a feeling of winter, creating a neutral backdrop with white can set the tone for a sophisticated tablescape. The snow-capped tree (see picture at the top) adds extra whimsy to the setting.

White table.jpg

Whether you are planning a dinner for 200 or 2 this Thanksgiving, make sure you enjoy what is important. Food and loved ones!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo Credit: Bizbash


Team PARTNER goes to school...

PARTNER Floral 2.jpg

If you are going to learn a new craft, you want to learn from experts, right? That was our thinking when we enrolled in an intro floral class at the Flower School in New York City. So how did it go? You tell us!

Armed with a list of questions and our notes app opened, we were ready to create our very own garden arrangement. What is a garden arrangement? Glad you asked! A very popular style at the moment, a garden arrangement typically has at least three kinds of foliage, one focal floral, 2-3 accent flowers, and 1-2 smaller weeds. Curious what our arrangement featured? See the photo below!

Flower School.jpg

Taking this class made our Monday a lot more fun while giving Team PARTNER the skills to properly articulate and create beauty with florals. If that wasn't enough, we learned the perfect way to open a rose! (hold them by the stem and blow in the middle of rosebud!)

Happy Arranging!


China's National Day Florals

HUGE Chinese florals.jpg

How long would it take you to create a 55-foot high floral arrangement? It took a team of over 100 experts over 6 months to create the centerpiece of China's National Day celebrations, pictured above. Keep in mind that is only one of many arrangements throughout Beijing during this week-long celebration.

October 1st, National Day, marks the founding of People's Republic of China with giant floral arrangements around the city, the likes of which we daydream of creating. Some arrangements along the Avenue of Eternal Peace celebrate recent achievements and improvements for China like a bullet train to a 190-foot-long version of the Great Wall of China. Some showcase what is to come like the picture below, promoting China winning the bid to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

National Day Olympics.jpg

The immense planning and attention to every last detail is something we enjoy seeing every year. How can you not get inspired by over 200 different floral arrangements?

Happy National Day!

Photo Credit: LA Times


Holiday Cheer Is (Almost) Here!


The holiday season is fast approaching! We know Halloween hasn't happened yet. So why are the holidays on our mind in September? Because holiday activations take time to plan. Which is why we have put together a few of our favorite event elements to focus on this holiday season.

Functional Gift. It is the season of giving, after all. Why not use the opportunity to give a gift that helps your guests find their place at the table? Imagine the surprise your guests will feel, finding custom embroidered gloves at their seat? Not only will this contribute to a picture-perfect table setting but your guests will think of you the next time they are in the snow with warm hands!


Surprise Interaction. You may have noticed, we love incorporating surprise elements in the events we produce. From a giant pillow pit to escort blocks assembled to form a birthday building. Not only are guests surprised by these elements, they want to share them on social media. Did somebody say "Indoor snowball fight?"


Charity Donation. There are many ways to donate food and floral from your event to a worthy cause. Create a sense of goodwill by giving your guests the opportunity to donate as well. There are endless charities that would welcome the donation.

'Tis the season to book your venue, send save the dates, and hire PARTNER to produce an unforgettable holiday experience! Request a consultation, call 212.837.8225 or email to get started!

Happy Holiday Planning!

Photo Credit: Pretty Instant, Etsy


H&M x Chef Chloe Coscarelli

Breakfast Table.jpg

You have brand new kitchenware you are dying to show your friends, what do you do? Throw a party, of course! H&M hired PARTNER to produce a stylish breakfast for the launch of their new Home Collection. The event, hosted by vegan Chef Chloe Coscarelli at the H&M Showroom in Flatiron, introduced the new collection to top fashion influencers and lifestyle bloggers. 

Our interactive vignettes showcased H&M’s Eat and Live collections through unexpected shareable moments. Our Live vignette featured an 8ft by 8ft pillow pit (think giant ball pit except with pillows) with a hashtagged mirror high above for fun branded selfies.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.16.56 PM.png

Our Eat vignette had refreshing surprise kombuchas in every tea pot surrounded by all things gold and green. 

Getty H&M Vanity.jpg

Guests made their way to the 24ft breakfast table adorned with fresh herbs and greenery, finding their seat with the help of personalized H&M apron "place cards." Chef Chloe Coscarelli welcomed guests and walked them through the three-course vegan menu, including her tasty breakfast cookies. Because who doesn't want cookies for breakfast?

Through surprise, shareable Instagrammable moments & integrating every piece of the new H&M Home collection, H&M and PARTNER created a fun and interactive way to showcase their new Home Collection. Plus, giant pillow pits are hard to forget! 

Happy Shopping! 

Photo Credit: Getty ImageEmily Scarlett