H&M x Chef Chloe Coscarelli

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You have brand new kitchenware you are dying to show your friends, what do you do? Throw a party, of course! H&M hired PARTNER to produce a stylish breakfast for the launch of their new Home Collection. The event, hosted by vegan Chef Chloe Coscarelli at the H&M Showroom in Flatiron, introduced the new collection to top fashion influencers and lifestyle bloggers. 

Our interactive vignettes showcased H&M’s Eat and Live collections through unexpected shareable moments. Our Live vignette featured an 8ft by 8ft pillow pit (think giant ball pit except with pillows) with a hashtagged mirror high above for fun branded selfies.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.16.56 PM.png

Our Eat vignette had refreshing surprise kombuchas in every tea pot surrounded by all things gold and green. 

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Guests made their way to the 24ft breakfast table adorned with fresh herbs and greenery, finding their seat with the help of personalized H&M apron "place cards." Chef Chloe Coscarelli welcomed guests and walked them through the three-course vegan menu, including her tasty breakfast cookies. Because who doesn't want cookies for breakfast?

Through surprise, shareable Instagrammable moments & integrating every piece of the new H&M Home collection, H&M and PARTNER created a fun and interactive way to showcase their new Home Collection. Plus, giant pillow pits are hard to forget! 

Happy Shopping! 

Photo Credit: Getty ImageEmily Scarlett


A Fresh Perspective


With our recent rebranding, we have been thinking a lot about perspective. It is so important we incorporated it into our logo!

Eye transp.png

This fresh perspective allows us to pull inspiration from everywhere - different industries and worlds. So what does Georges Seurat's 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte' have to do with our approach to event production?

Viewing Seurat's mathematical precision of his dot placement is impressive, but stepping back to see how those dots are woven together is an experience. This is how we view each event we produce. Each dot is strategically placed to contribute to the overall experience. One area may need a bit more attention than the others, but they are all an important piece of the experience. Seurat's famous painting is also a reminder to keep our eyes open for inspiration. You never know, you may find a woman walking a monkey!

Focusing only on one spreadsheet, one floor plan or one detail is a lot like focusing on one dot of a Georges Seurat painting, you will lose sight of the work of art. 

Here's to fresh perspectives!

Photo Credit: The Met


Let There Be Neon!


Sponsorship branding. Decor. Lighting. Motivation. Whatever the use, neon lights are appearing at more events in bold and exciting new ways. Like the giant neon Absolut bottle pictured above from a Grammy after-party in Los Angeles produced by MKG. Bizbash's "Trend Spotted: Neon Logos Are Having a Moment" compiled nine examples of neon signage at events. What were our favorites?

The Urban Arts Partnership's incorporation of neon centerpieces with words of inspiration is an example of mood lighting with a message. The photo below is from their 25th anniversary which shed light on the group’s mission while creating exciting decor. Now we love incorporating cacti into decor (we have even branded them!), but neon cacti? Sign us up! H&M featured neon cacti at their H&M Loves Coachella collection launch in Times Square, bringing the desert to NYC.

Urban Arts Partnership.jpg

Ready to include neon in your next event? Remember to stay true to your brand. Neon can be a bold and flashy accent piece or a subtle addition to a well-designed event. Choose wisely!

Let there be neon!

Photo Credit: BizBash



Why Incentive Travel?


"After paragliding through the mountains, we drank champagne from an ice bar overlooking Aspen!" Whether you are awarding your top rock star salespeople or thanking your best clients, incentive travel creates a one-of-a-kind engagement that is unforgettable. With the increasing popularity of unique experiences, companies are turning to incentive travel to reward and motivate. Why incentive travel? What are the benefits?

Before the trip - Similar to winning an award or trophy, incentive travel is public recognition of a job well done. "Winning" an experience is a badge of honor your client or team can speak about with pride and excitement. "We are going to Italy for a weekend truffle adventure!"

During the trip - Imagine how close your team would become playing a friendly game with an NFL team or how special your client would feel harvesting grapes at an award winning vineyard? These unforgettable experiences create a camaraderie impossible to create in an office or meeting setting. Plus they are a lot of fun!

After the trip - Memories of that experience will last a lifetime! Through social media or word of mouth, these memories are not soon to fade. A surprise photo album of the experience allows your team or client to relive the trip over and over again. Hearing (or seeing) about these once-in-a-lifetime experiences will motivate non-winners to hit their goals for the next year.

Thinking through the experience beginning to end while focusing on the end customer will create the ultimate experience. Why not let PARTNER Productions help? We will guide you the whole way through, ensuring your program flows without a hitch so you can focus on engaging your team and clients. Call 212.837.8225 or email hello@partnerproductions.com, we are waiting to work with you to create an unforgettable trip!

Happy Incentivising!

Photo Credit: PARTNER Productions, Aspen Paragliding


Creative Treats X 0% Food Waste


Through innovative companies or government programs, it is becoming easier to donate food and floral from events. We have even written about it! This got us thinking, is 0% food waste for an event a lofty goal? What if those coffee grounds could create a tasty syrup? Those pineapple rinds used for piña coladas must have some flavor left in them! So how can this discarded food help to produce a 0% waste event?

With over 133 billion pounds of food wasted in the US each year, chefs and bartenders are using their creativity to discover ways to reduce that number. Reusing food waste not only provides your guests with a tasty treat but allows them to actively participate in the solution. Olmsted, a Brooklyn-based restaurant, reuses the strawberries steeped for cocktails in their soft serve dessert, seen in the picture above. Looking for more inspiration that 0% waste is obtainable? Browsing Trashtiki's online recipe platform for syrups, garnishes, and cocktails made from by-products makes sustainability look easy.

Many events tout environmental causes and do their part to reduce their waste, but how many events have you heard of that can say they produced 0% food waste? By incorporating small changes paired with the creativity of your chef and bartender, 0% is possible! And tasty!

Recycle, reduce, reuse!

Photo Credit: Grubstreet