Who Run The World?


Happy International Women's Day! With the importance of this day on our minds, we read BizBash's "Oscars 2018: What You Missed at the Week's Most Stylish Bashes" with a different perspective. From returning events to new partnerships, Oscar weekend was full of beautiful, supportive and inspiring events. Seeing an uptick in events with strong women (and men) coming together to support one another is inspiring (to say the least) and a reminder to keep up this momentum!

One such returning event was the Women in Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party, who celebrated its 11th soiree with a room full of female Hollywood power-players. If attendees were looking for more inspiration, an off-the-cuff speech by Viola Davis reminded women "the privilege of a lifetime is being exactly who you are." Excuse us while we make that our new mantra! 


Joining the list of powerful events held during the Oscars, Janelle Monáe hosted her own brunch with Belvedere Vodka to celebrate her organization Fem the Future. Powerful discussion about harnessing frustration into action took place around long farm tables surrounded by greenery (see below). 


Celebrating inclusion and diversity is important in every industry, every day. On International Women's Day, let's all take some time to celebrate the strong women in our lives!

The Future is Female!

Photo Credit: LATimes 


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Top 6 Takeaways for Business & Life

IMG_0011 (1).jpg

What happens when you bring together 2,200 small businesses [all alumni of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses entrepreneur program], 4 billionaires [Blakely, Bloomberg, Buffett, Branson], 7 famous CEOs, 8 politicians & 1 very generous sponsor (THANK YOU Goldman!!) for an alumni summit last week in D.C.? 2 days of entrepreneur growth/therapy we will never, ever forget!

We absorbed everything and want to distill lessons relevant to everyone, in any industry. Here are our top 6 takeaways for your business (and frankly, life), paraphrased from these incredible leaders!

Spanx CEO Billionaire Sara Blakely

1. Don't focus on the things you can't change (e.g. interest rate). Focus on what you can change, like customer experience.

UPenn Negotiations Professor Extraordinaire Mori Taheripour

2. Wherever you are, BE ALL THERE. The current wealth of information creates a poverty of attention. Learn how to disconnect. Learn how to be still.

3. Whatever wolf you feed is the one that will survive. You choose to feed the negative wolf or to feed the positive wolf. Don't give in to negative thoughts.

Soulcycle CEO Melanie Whelan

4. Get it out of your head and onto a piece of paper. Make standard operating procedures (SOPs)! No one can read your mind or your expectations.

Disruption Panel with Jo Malone, Melanie Whelan & Lisa Price (Carol's Daughter)

5. Hyperfocus on 1 idea. You have a bucket of water, don't water the whole garden. Take care of one plant and it will thrive. 

Hi Oprah!

6. If you can get on her show, do it! Nearly every CEO speaker during the summit credited Oprah with catapulting their businesses into the stratosphere

In admiration & gratitude as a 10KSB alum,


Happy Year of the Dog

Year of the Dog.jpg

Happy year of the Dog! This furry and loyal friend starts the 4,716th Lunar New Year tomorrow, February 16th. Lucky numbers and colors vary this year depending on your Zodiac animal, but one thing is consistently lucky - the red envelope. Young singles typically receive red envelopes filled with lucky money (usually ending with an even digit - except 4) from married elders to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits in the coming year. Technology has completely changed the red envelope game the past few years.

Launched in 2014, WeChat turned the red envelope digital. Users of the app (roughly 963 million in 2017) can send virtual red envelopes to their contacts or group chats. The year of the Rooster saw over 3.2 billion envelopes gifted during the Lunar New Year! Now that is a lot of red (and green)!


Although WeChat users can send Red Envelopes all year long, there is a spike in Red Envelope gifting during Chinese New Year. You can send money to group chats in randomized amounts that makes for competitive red envelope tapping. You can either a) send a red envelope to distribute money evenly to the group chat members or b) choose to give more (or all) money to the first person who taps the envelope. Keep in mind, these envelopes expire after 24 hours so you need to tap quickly!

Traditions may adapt to new innovations but spending time with family on New Year's Eve will always be important, preferably with a few cute dogs present! 🐶

Happy New Year!

Photo Credit: FengShuiToday, WeChat


Projection Mapping Possibilities


It is no secret that PARTNER Productions appreciates creative, grand, and inspiring projection mapping (using projected graphics to transform a surface). Executed properly, your guests will be in awe of the emotional connection made thanks to your creativity (and tech!). Thanks to BizBash's recent article "16 Mind-Blowing Examples of Projection Mapping" we are adding two more to our list of favorites.

Incorporating projection mapping can transform your guests to another city, country or even world (the opportunities are seriously endless)! A corporate event at the Temple House (pictured at the top) is an example of such a transformation. The immersive dining room projection changed with each course and took guests on a journey through the U.S., South America, Europe, and Asia. The music, food and the server's costumes changed with each course to completely transport the guests in each location.

120 light fixtures and 24 flame projectors on eight vertical 165 feet "supertrees"? Now, this is one massive production! To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Singapore's Garden by the Bay, these supertrees turned into their own rainbow garden with flowers and bubbles (pictured below). This gave the tens of thousands of spectators a new and exciting way to celebrate the gardens.


Projection mapping lets you create an experience beyond your guest's wildest imaginations. Producing an event in Turkey may be out of reach with your budget, but your guests can experience what it would be like to dine in the Basilica Cistern for the evening.

Happy Projecting!

Photo Credit: BizBash