Holiday Cheer Is (Almost) Here!


The holiday season is fast approaching! We know Halloween hasn't happened yet. So why are the holidays on our mind in September? Because holiday activations take time to plan. Which is why we have put together a few of our favorite event elements to focus on this holiday season.

Functional Gift. It is the season of giving, after all. Why not use the opportunity to give a gift that helps your guests find their place at the table? Imagine the surprise your guests will feel, finding custom embroidered gloves at their seat? Not only will this contribute to a picture-perfect table setting but your guests will think of you the next time they are in the snow with warm hands!


Surprise Interaction. You may have noticed, we love incorporating surprise elements in the events we produce. From a giant pillow pit to escort blocks assembled to form a birthday building. Not only are guests surprised by these elements, they want to share them on social media. Did somebody say "Indoor snowball fight?"


Charity Donation. There are many ways to donate food and floral from your event to a worthy cause. Create a sense of goodwill by giving your guests the opportunity to donate as well. There are endless charities that would welcome the donation.

'Tis the season to book your venue, send save the dates, and hire PARTNER to produce an unforgettable holiday experience! Request a consultation, call 212.837.8225 or email to get started!

Happy Holiday Planning!

Photo Credit: Pretty Instant, Etsy